All natural sugar scrubs

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All natural sugar scrubs
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Zanti Kamala

  • Whitehorse, Canada

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All natural SUGAR SCRUBS yummmmm!!!!!!!!!! I am having so much fun making these and am so happy I can share. There is nothing like the smells this creates in my house. 

The first I would like to introduce is another in the line of the Kamala signature blend....a black tea, sugar and black tea infused coconut oil and Bergamot, Pink grapefruit and Vanilla to scent it. It is so yummy smelling and love having it in my bathroom.

Another is a coffee-infused coconut oil with sugar and coffee, it is amazing. The smell of the coconut oil being infused is a favourite in my house. 

Next is a Mocha Latte sugar scrub which contains coffee infused coconut oil, coffee, sugar, cocoa powder and Vanilla essential oil, this smells like a serious decadent treat.

I love the smell of roses and going harvesting of these leaves was pure joy. The smell of them drying in my drying room was heavenly. In this sugar scrub, I have combined the sugar and the wild roses together with rose essential oil and handmade rose infused sweet almond oil which I also made. This scrub for me is pure heaven.

Lavender is such a relaxing scent for most so this scrub combines lavender buds with sugar, lavender essential oil and lavender infused sweet almond oil and a touch of vanilla for a little sweetness.

Coconut Oil has fatty acids as well as other naturally occurring properties which help to keep skin moisturized and help correct uneven skin tone. After regular use, a notice of an increase in skin buoyancy is one such moisturizing benefit. 

Coffee is best known as a stimulating beverage that helps millions of people wake up in the morning. But did you know that coffee has surprising benefits for the skin?
The caffeine in the coffee is known to have good skin benefits such as reducing redness and inflammation, according to a 1981 Seoul National University study, notes Live Strong. In another study from the University of Tennessee in 1978, adding caffeine to anti-inflammatory creams increased its effectiveness as a skin caring agent.
Coffee tightens, softens, exfoliates and brightens skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and has anti-inflammatory properties.