Arnica and fireweed salve

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Arnica and fireweed salve
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Zanti Kamala

  • Whitehorse, Canada

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Arnica and Fireweed salve 2 oz tin....when my husband had extensive surgery on his arm, a homeopathic doctor recommended stocking up on arnica cream to help his arm heal.

Its ability to reduce pain and inflammation when applied to the skin comes in handy for all kinds of bruises, aches, sprains and even arthritis flare-ups. It can even be applied to insect bites to reduce irritation and inflammation. Arnica oil can also be used to relieve areas of stiffness resulting from arthritis, flying or long-distance driving.

Fireweed is used for pain and swelling (inflammation). I LOVE the smell of dried fireweed, which has notes of berry and citrus. It pairs nicely with the Arnica to really hit that inflammation if needed, making this the perfect salve to have on hand in a sports bag.

I do a lot of research on pain management, healing creams that are all natural, a lot of reading for sure. I thought I would give making a salve a shot, I don't like the greasy feeling of most salves I have tried so I decided to play around with different oils and consistencies and came up with something
I spend a lot of time in the spring, summer and fall foraging and harvesting different plants from the wilds of the Yukon and drying them. Those plants that I can't forage or grow are bought from another ethical source. This way I can have products with the least amount of pollution, pesticides, etc that I can find and my backroom will smell great for most of that time. I have infused almond oil and coconut oil with arnica flowers for a lighter oil feel. These have enough beeswax in them to keep the moisture in after use but soft enough that you don't have to dig the salve out.

Sweet Almond oil works as a facial lubricant to help dislodge impurities and replenish skin with high doses of Vitamin A to curb breakouts. It is also beneficial oil for those with sensitive skin.