Larimar tree of life

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Larimar tree of life
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Zanti Kamala

  • Whitehorse, Canada

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How awesome is it to own a bit of the Yukon? The base stones are granite with copper from a local copper mine with recycled copper as the tree and larimar chips to make a fantastic small tree of life that will fit anywhere. These trees will help heal while you just sit beside it if you cleanse them regularly. Full moons are by far the best but sunlight will work if needed just be careful you don't leave it in so long it sunbleached. Smoke from a smudging tool will also cleanse the negativity from the stone and allow it to emit at the proper frequency. 

**SIZE** standing 3.5 inches high and the base is 3 inches by 1.75 inches and weighs 6.25 oz.

Copper is known to stimulate energy flow and enhance your psychic abilities. It’s an energy conductor that will move energies and amplify your thoughts. It will also help you in channelling and in communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper can also ground and move a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. It will amplify your thoughts and send healing energies all over the body. It will also encourage you to achieve physical and emotional alignment. This will result in clearer thinking and less aggressive behaviour. You will also enjoy a boost in your self-esteem. When someone is feeling agitated, angry, or distraught, your calming energies will help them calm down as well. It will help you release excess charges of anger or resentment.

Granite enables one to see the big picture, helps banish skepticism, and defeats negativity with ease.  Aboriginal tribes consider Granite to be a “stone of protection” with sacred and magical qualities. Granite enables one to see the difference between the ideas of beliefs and the state of “knowing.” Granite facilitates and maintains the balance in relationships and with cooperative groups. Granite supports discretion and diplomacy. Granite is also a stone of abundance as it assists with bringing an increased flow of money to the user.  

Larimar is said to promote tranquillity and a strong sense of inner peace and serenity. It is useful in time of pressure and stressful change as its cooling and calming energy is said to help soothe frazzled nerves and reduce stress. In addition, Larimar is said to alleviate feelings of guilt and fear and to aid communication in relationships. It can reduce the tendency to become over-critical of both yourself and others and can encourage you to let go and allow things to happen rather than trying to control every outcome.