Smooth Live Edge Coffee Table

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LiveEdgeYukon - Smooth Live Edge Coffee Table
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Live Edge Yukon

  • Carcross, Canada

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This piece is harvested from locally sourced standing deadwood, which has been stripped and sanded by hand.The golden, low gloss finish brings out natures texture, which was actually the demise of the tree. Beautiful patterns are formed between the bark and the wood. With special attention, these patterns and designs have been cleaned, preserved and polished.

The learning experiences abundant, this piece was exceptionally fun to retrieve and work. Its been quite some time since my dogs pulled anything besides a dog sled or a 'nutjob' on skis, but they did really well some years ago hauling water into a cabin that I didn't have road access to. So, I figured they would do quite well skidding these pieces through the bush for the short trek to the main trail. Do quite well they did! Walking next to me, wagging tails while I packed, pushed and pulled the beast of a table base to the sled. Obviously, they've gotten smarter since they were two!

Dimensions: 36"'X24"X17" (LXWXH)

Additional Product Information:
-Rounded and eased edges for a soft look
-Sanded and stained to a diamond finish
-Can be custom made to any size or any configuration (ex. - coffee table with a lower level)
-All wood materials, except the hardwood dowels, were harvested by dog team.

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