Red lemurian seed quartz crystal necklace

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Red lemurian seed quartz crystal necklace
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Zanti Kamala

  • Whitehorse, Canada

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Lemurian Fairy Princess
This red Lemurian seed quartz is absolutely ethereal with a delicate beauty for any fair maiden.  The dreamy quality of the crystal is emphasized by the translucent gold and fuchsia silver threaded Turkish ribbon.  The crystal is wrapped delicately in copper and silver and kept as light as silk threads so that the simple beauty of the crystal remains lightly adorned.  This red Lemurian is perfect for any fairy princess!

2.5 inches long
1 inch wide
19-inch length cord- cord can be changed or made larger at no extra cost pending stock

Lemurian Seed Crystals, aka Lemurians, are crystals that are said to have been left by the advanced ancient civilization of the Lemurians to teach and guide us in this time. These crystals are said to have been programmed in their own formation with conscious connection and love. Lemurians hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, equality, and spiritual teachings. Lemurian Seed Crystals are also great for dream work and dream interpretation, particularly revealing potentials and actuality of spiritual growth that occurs in dreams. Lemurians have a very Yin or feminine energy, and for all their high power are more gentle-feeling energetically than typical Yang/masculine crystals, even when they have Yang clarity. They are very powerful tools for meditation and for healing on all levels. They are excellent for clearing and balancing all chakras.